Concordia Sagittaria

The ancient village of [b]Concordia[/b] is founded at 42 B.C.. Walk around this place you could jump back into the past of [i]Iulia Concordia.[/i]To visit: [list] [*][b]Santo Stefano Cathedral[/b] in the centre of Concordia, that contains many frescoes [*]the [b]Baptistery[/b] built at the end of the XI century [*][b]archaeological excavations[/b] near the Cathedral [*][b]Palazzo Municipale[/b], built in the XVI century, that contains archaeological finds of Iulia Concordia [/list] Moreover, for those who want to do a few more kilometers , well worth a visit the old towns of Treviso, Asolo and Trieste. Lastly, for shoppers we recommend the nearby McArthur Glen Outlet in Noventa di Piave . The outlet is located in Via Marco Polo 1, just off the highway A4. Here you can find your favorite designer brands at 35% -70% less, all year round. Our beautiful setting with mosaics and frescoes - inspired by Venetian and Treviso palazzos - cafes and restaurants, our children’s play area, free parking and with over 120 boutiques, we have something for everyone.