Walk around [b]Portogruaro[/b] you could admire beautiful historic buildings, take a photo at [b]Torre di Sant’Agnese[/b] and at, testimony of the walls of the XIII century. A visit at the [b]Cathedral[/b], that cointened many paintings of the XVI and XVIII century by important artists such as Pomponio Amalteo and Palma il Giovane. There are three churches: [list] [*][b]San Giovanni[/b] Church with beautiful frescoes of the XV century [*][b]Sant’Agnese[/b] Church with frescoes of the XIV century [*][b]San Luigi[/b] Church, the most ancient church in Portogruaro. [/list] Three museums: [list] [*][b]Museo Civico Concordiese[/b], containing archaeological finds of Concordia [*][b]Mulini and Pescheria[/b], home of the contemporary art gallery [*][b]Paleontological museum[/b] with 1500 finds. [/list] A 3km from Portogruaro is [b]Abbey in Summaga[/b] the X - XI century with frescoes of the XI - XIII century, a graceful placet o visit.