[b]Caorle[/b], the strip of land caressed by the Adriatic sea and protected by the lagoon, is a wonderful maritime town full of ancient scents, flavors, colors and lights, but at the same time with its eye to the future. To all those who wish to explore the beauties of this town, we recommend you visit the Cathedral of Santo Stefano, which stands in fornt of the sea, the majestic tower, symbol of Caorle, and the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo, the protector of fishermen. The fishing ports is harmoniously joined with the historic center, characterized by its old pastel-colored houses to create a truly magical atmosphere, often mentioned by Ernest Hemingway, who dedicated some of his most beautiful passages to the lagoon of Caorle in the book “ Across the River and into the Trees”. The places to visit are many, a mix of history, art and nature to give you a wonderful holiday. For lovers of art and history: [list] [*] the [b]"cliff living"[/b] where you can walk by the sea, is one of the most beautiful Venetian walks to the character of the rocks sculpted [*] the[b] church Madonna dell’Angelo[/b] is at the end of the walk of the " cliff alive " and it is a small work of art [*] the [b]St. Stephen's Cathedral[/b] and its bell tower [*] [b]museum of the Cathedral[/b] set up in the chapel collects relics, religious objects and relics of early Christian church below [*][b]National Museum of Archaeology of the Sea[/b] situated near the entrance of Caorle. [/list] For those who want to immerse themselves in nature: [list] [*][b]Valle Vecchia[/b], included in the list of Specially Protected Areas and Sites of Community Importance, it is a natural area where they live many animal species and is one of the favorite places for lovers of birdwatching and nature walks [*][b]Excursions in the lagoon[/b] by boat “Motonave Arcobaleno” with a visit to a casone, character house that used fishermen, or bragozzo typical lagoon boat. [/list]