Scopri i dintorni del Villaggio Sant’Andrea per una vacanza rilassante ma mai noiosa.


Caorle, is located in the North Adriatic, halfway between Venice and Trieste, has a population of about eleven thousand inhabitants. The territory extends for about 400 square kilometers, largely consisting of agricultural land and the lagoon. Thanks to these characteristics there is a notable agricultural production: cultivation of corn, orchards and vines. Fishing is developed in the lagoon area. The inhabited center extends for about 6 km of coastline. It borders the Adriatic Sea to the south and south-east. The rest is surrounded by rivers, canals and lagoons. The architecture of Caorle consists of the historic center, characterized by Venetian-style coves and squares. Worth noting are the Cathedral and the Bell Tower, original and unique for its shape. Caorle, as well as in architecture, retains its historicity in the city museum with notable and precious archaeological finds found in the subsoil and in the sea. The city is arranged in two directions, towards Levante and Ponente. To the east extends a long avenue that runs along the sea, immediately the hotels and other housing structures. In the Litorale di Ponente, facing the sea, a pedestrian avenue with hotels, and the rest of the houses. The architecture takes on the same characteristics of the Levante area. A few years ago the Tourist Port was built to the North-West of Caorle, allowing the landing of hundreds of boats of various tonnages. Caorle has important sports facilities: the football stadium, the Sports Palace, tennis courts, golf courses and swimming pools. The accommodation facilities for tourists are: hotels, restaurants, campsites, there is also the possibility of being hosted in a farmhouse. The lagoon reserves an interesting alternative itinerary for Caorle guests. The possibility of making excursions by motorboat or small boats in the lagoon allows you to discover the richness of this environment. You can visit the fishermen’s huts, still preserved in the traditional way, with fishing gear.


A city of art in its charm, it is only 60 km from Caorle and can be reached by land or by sea. A return ticket is on sale at the information office at the price of € 12.40, which includes the journey from Caorle to Punta Sabbioni by bus and from Punta Sabbioni to Venice by motorboat. For those who want to travel with their own car, we recommend that you park in Mestre and then reach Venice by train. Finally, there is the possibility of arriving directly in Piazza San Marco starting from the port of Caorle with the Motonave Caorle which makes daily connections.


the city of Sant’Antonio, is remembered for its ancient university, the stupendous frescoes by Giotto, Prato della Valle, the largest square in Europe, the characteristic historic center. It is 100 km from Caorle and can be reached by taking the A4 motorway towards Milan.


the city of Romeo and Juliet, a must for all lovers! Also famous is the stupendous Arena which has been hosting the Opera for years. It is about 180 km from Caorle and can be reached by taking the A4 motorway towards Milan.

Concordia Sagittaria

the ancient Julia Concordia, a Roman colony remembered for the construction of the “sagittae”, the arrows of the Roman army. You can visit the Basilica and numerous other Roman remains. It is only 20 km from Caorle and can be reached by taking the provincial road 59 to Santo Stino di Livenza and then continuing towards Portogruaro, a medieval city bordering Concordia Sagittaria, which deserves to be visited.